Terms & Conditions

Provision of services

We will provide a qualified Mountain Leader for the provision of leading/guiding a walk in outdoor/remote areas.  The purpose of the leader is to provide guidance, navigation, first aid and assistance to individuals or group in their charge to safely accomplish a previously agreed goal.  Assigned Mountain Leaders will hold a minimum MLTB qualification and current first aid certificate.

We will not be liable for any loss, damage or expense resulting from force majeure or any unforeseen circumstance not within our control. The assigned Mountain Leader is entitled at any time for whatever reason to deny me access and/or engagement in any activity. The mountain Leader or any representatives cannot be held responsible for any illness, loss, injury or death sustained before, during or after participation in an activity.

We cannot guarantee that goals will be completed within a set time. Circumstances not within our control may cause delays during walks, which may result in the event exceeding any desired time limit.

Our expectations from you are always to be respectful to each other and fellow walkers and follow the countryside code.


Costs: – Prices start at £75/pp with group discounts (see Prices page).

All bookings require a non-refundable 25% deposit, followed by the remaining balance four weeks before commencement. If you book within this timeframe full payment will be required at the time of booking.  We can accept payment bank transfer only at this time. (card payments are being considered depending on current demand).


In the event of a cancellation by you, all monies paid are non-refundable.

In the event of cancellation by us, full refund.

We reserve the right to cancel any event. In such circumstances, we will offer a full refund. Any travel arrangements which you have made independently will not be refunded, as our liability does not include this cover.


Our events include public liability and professional indemnity insurance. We strongly recommend that all participants take out travel insurance, with adequate cover for the events that they will be undertaking.


There are inherent risks with activities based in remote mountainous areas such as the 3 peaks challenge.  All Mountain Leaders are trained to carry out these activities and are first aid certified.  However, this risk must be accepted by you, the leader cannot be held responsible to mitigate all risks, it is always incumbent upon you to be responsible for your own safety.

The leader will be responsible for making judgements based on the safety of individuals or group, these may include (but not limited to); weather conditions, the leader reserves the right to change routes in the event of deteriorating weather conditions deemed at the time as increasing the risk of harm or injury to participants.  Injury, sickness or lack of fitness, the leader reserves the right to change routes in the event of an individual or group becoming injured, sick or unwell.  Lack of fitness to complete the goal, if the leader deems an increasing risk of harm or injury to the participants themselves or others within the group due to fitness levels, they reserve the right to change the route for safety reasons.

We expect you to respectfully abide by the decisions and judgements made by the leader.

Health and fitness

We reserve the right to cancel any activity for the purpose of safety if you are deemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if your behaviour becomes unacceptable, or the agreed goal is beyond your fitness level.

It is incumbent of you to inform us of any medical issues you feel we should be made aware of, anything that may jeopardise the outcome of the event if not attended to, for example allergies, minor injuries, or diabetes.

We make all efforts to assist you in completing your challenge or goal, it is the responsibility of the leader to make judgements on the information he/she has at the time.

Participation Statement

I hereby acknowledge and declare as follows:

  • I acknowledge that engaging in the activity has inherent dangers. I therefore recognise that engaging in this activity is at my own risk. I confirm that the assigned Mountain Leader is entitled at any time for whatever reason to deny me participation in this activity. I will not hold the assigned Mountain Leader or any other representatives responsible for any illness, loss, injury or death sustained before, during or after participation in an activity.
  • I confirm that I am over the age of 18 or accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  • I confirm that I have read and understood the terms and conditions.
  • I agree to be bound by and obey these terms and conditions and all other rules, regulations and conditions, including those rules, regulations or conditions contained in this disclaimer and any other applicable safety rules.
  • I acknowledge that I owe a duty to myself and others whilst engaging in this activity to ensure that I do not take any action or fail to do anything as to endanger my safety and/or the safety of others.
  • I acknowledge that engaging in an activity can be physically and mentally demanding and confirm that I am in good health and know of no reason, physical or mental why I could be unable to engage in such activity.
  • I confirm that I understand the necessity to take out appropriate insurance for the activity

Please inform us of any concerns you may have regarding the points above. 

Last updated 18 December 2023